Why In-Person Church Will Never Go Out of Style

"Church offers a place where infants and grandparents, unemployed and executives, immigrants and blue bloods can all assemble together. Where else can we find that unique mixture? Certainly not online." - C.Today

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Yancey isn't wrong that in person is better, but as so many do, he contrasts in-building church with the worst possible alternative: passive viewing of a video recording. There are so many better ways to do non-physical presence--and these reduce the differences he talks about.

To name two:

  • Live video of your very own congregation
  • Interactive video and audio in small groups with your very own congregation. (There are easy to use tools now that even let you scribble on a whiteboard, if you're used to doing that in Sunday School or some other small group setting.)

In the first, you're not watching a movie. It's your local expression of the body of Christ and you're being a part of what's happening, though distantly. In the second, you're not passive at all. You're 'there' in every way but physical location. A skilled teacher will interact with many who are connected to the meeting.

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