SBC sexual abuse study unveils ‘key findings’

"J.D. Greear’s Sexual Abuse Advisory Group (SAAG) released its initial report today (June 8) as part of an ongoing process to assess current needs and develop recommendations" - BRnow

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There is a free curricula for people who are interested in implementing abuse detection and training at

The findings of the study group are available here.

"Our task today is to tell people — who no longer know what sin longer see themselves as sinners, and no longer have room for these categories — that Christ died for sins of which they do not think they’re guilty." - David Wells

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The SBC appears to be moving quickly; the thing we need to pray for in this regard, though, is that it actually takes root and is not just a "top down" implementation.  And the same for our own associations; I'm personally very encouraged that the authors are making it very clear "it's not about the money" by making the results of their work absolutely free.  

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8 Action Steps 

Seems like a good plan... #8 is where it all gets (or fails to get) real, though.

"8. Right unified call to action – 8-step process to be followed in the process in churches."

But the preceding steps improve the chances of the 8th. -- Unlike the indepdent Baptist groups that are, so far, doing--as far as I can tell--nothing.

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i think a lot of the Indepedent Baptists churches are more ahead of the curve then the Conservative Evangelicals.  After BJU had their problems and Jack Schapp took a fall I’d say that definitely resonated out to their churches causing changes to take place at the church level.  As far as I have seen it’s outside of the Independent Baptists where they’re  repeating the same mistakes.  Gordon College comes to mind and just recently a Menonite Missionary from Ohio was arrested by Homeland Security for abusing orphan boys in Hati.  The article revealed that the young gentlemen was excommunicated from a church and fired as a teacher at the Christian school for the same criminal activity, but never reported to the Police.  There is some question that the Missons Organization may have known of his priors.

 I have not seen anything new regarding Independent Baptist Churches except the rehash of old stories.  I’d say since the Independent Baptists don’t have one controlling organization we don’t know their advancements. However we sure know that Conservative Evangelical Churches and Institutions are repeating the same bad acts while surely having to know what happened at BJU and other organizations.  You’d think others would learn from mistakes made in the past in the Fundy/Evangelical World.