Research Presented at Vatican Shows That Anti-Atheist Stereotypes Are Inaccurate

"There’s a pernicious stereotype that atheists are immoral because we don’t have God in our lives. But, in fact, our beliefs are really no different from society at large." - Patheos

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I would like to see the research that shows these stereotypes exist. The usual criticism I read of atheism is not that it actually results in purposeless, amoral living, but that if logically consistent, it would result in purposeless and amoral living. It's a testament to the frailty of the system that most of its adherents turn around and live as though their belief system were not actually true. Common grace at work... and powerful of evidence of the reality of human nature: everything in us screams that these things matter and humans don't tune that out consistently, even when they've embraced a belief system that logically demands tuning them out.

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