“Ahmari’s attack on French moves beyond simply an attack on French’s support for religious liberty, and moves to an attack on French’s civility”

“By styling political debate in terms of ‘an enemy,’ Ahmari adopts what might be called the ‘Flight 93 Election Forever’ style of politics, which sees democratic politics as not a matter of debate, persuasion, or compromise, but one of war with an ‘enemy.’” - The Bulwark


Ahamari and his ilk seem to believe that the way to win the culture war is by coercion rather than by winning the debate… persuasion. This is foolish. To believe this is the right strategy you have to think that some set of laws or elected leaders is going to result in permanent change by force of law. How could anyone believe this? Read any history at all? When people don’t believe, they eventually don’t comply.

Much of what I wrote in this series is about persuasion vs coercion. https://sharperiron.org/tag/series-three-tools

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