Faith groups react to claims famed anti-abortion activist was paid to switch sides

"...according to a new documentary on her life, 'AKA Jane Roe,' which premieres Friday on FX, McCorvey made a startling claim during a 'deathbed confession' delivered in 2017: She was paid to embrace the anti-abortion movement.' - RNS

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I was going to say "just check if there are actual canceled checks", but the article makes clear that there was some level of financial support for McCorvey.  So this is one of those hard to resolve cases where the alleged accuser cannot be cross examined.  

My guess here is that given McCorvey's well known volatile temperament, this is the volatility speaking more than her actual experience, though I can envision some level of pressure on her as she left her lesbian lifestyle for Catholicism and being pro-life.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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This is just the latest in a string of stories over my lifetime wherein the evangelical community gets all excited about a supposed conversion and parade them around like a dog and pony show only to be met with a sad outcome that confuses, discredits and disillusions.  More recently, I got thoroughly roasted when I suggested the tsunami of evangelical accolades being bestowed on Kanye West were premature and unwise.  I was called everything from a pharisee to faithless.  I stand by my assertion.  

Flip Benham was deeply involved in this and as someone who lives in the same area as he does and actively avoids any public identification with him, I would say that getting people of sensationalist and charismatic tendencies involved in "directing" new celebrity converts is never a good sign.