Liberal Christians who distort the Gospel and conservative Christians who do likewise

"The point, rather, is that by emphasizing only those doctrines, Moody leaves a raft of other critically important orthodox claims behind no less than does Harnack." - CPost

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Conservatives make their share of mistakes, sure, but Rauser by trying to create equivalence here he overlooks a simple fact: The Gospel is a specific set of ideas not a "raft of other critically important orthodox claims."

  • The good news that Jesus Christ died to save sinners and rose again

The terms need some unpacking and explaining, but that's really all the gospel is. There are many implications of the gospel, but conflating the implications with the gospel itself just breeds confusion about the gospel, and it alone is "the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek."

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The link just took me to a whole selection of different articles and I couldn't figure out which article the quote is from.

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Kevin, saw the same thing, scroll down or use the search feature, and you'll find it.

My take on the column is that while I am amenable to the notion that real faith requires some social interaction--James 1:27, some of the Prophets, etc..--the column itself was more or less a "hit and run" that asserts problems, but does not really demonstrate them.  Part of the problem is that the editor--who could well be the author for all I know--really didn't allocate space for the author to develop his thesis.  

The sadder part is that it's a tactic I've seen a LOT among the Sojourners crowd.  

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