Theological Liberalism

Who Is A “Progressive Christian” and How Is That Different from “Liberal Christian?”

"'Liberal Christianity,' however, IS a tradition and has its prototypes, its theological leaders speaking for it over the past two centuries. What are its hallmarks? First, possibly foremost, a naturalistic theism, belief in a God who does not intervene supernaturally in history or nature." - Roger Olson

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“Liberal Christianity... believes that the faith should always be changing so that it conforms with the dominant spirit and beliefs of the age”

"Americans may need to get used to this kind of syncretism, which is not at all unusual among United Methodists, other mainline Protestants, and liberal Catholics. Because now that progressives are in political power and evangelicalism is discredited for its alliance with Donald Trump, liberal Christianity might be coming back into vogue." - Veith

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If This Is How the Bible Works, the Bible Doesn’t Work at All

"Since [Kant's] time Christians have been pushing back against what became, and in Kant’s train remains today, methodological atheism in biblical studies. Enns simply embraces the thesis that the Bible’s God-talk is necessarily no more than futile ancient efforts (heavily redacted and embellished) to articulate the ineffable." - TGC

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What's Postconservative Evangelical? Theology Unfinished, 'Inerrancy' Not Dogmatic: Roger Olson

"Postconservative evangelical theology is evangelical theology that does not consider the constructive task of theology finished. Conservative evangelical theology is evangelical theology that considers the constructive task of theology finished." - CPost

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