Megachurch Partners with Facebook to Expand Outreach

"Nashville’s Mt. Zion Baptist Church has broken ranks with other churches alleging an anti-conservative outlook of Facebook. The church has partnered with the social media giant to better connect with their community and their congregation. This partnership has been active for several months now." WRNews

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I thought this must have been the weekly re-post from the Babylon Bee.  It strikes me, if we must be serious about this, that a church ought to use social media of its choice until it becomes a liability for the church, however that is defined.  

Along those lines, I'm occasionally asked about the data gathering on social media, and my response is generally that if there is indeed a conspiracy to rule the world through illegally captured data on the interwebs, our chief responsibility is first to stand up and be counted--to let the world know that we are out there, and we will not be pleased at attempts to try this. 

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.