China on course to become 'world's most Christian nation' within 15 years

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It is fascinating to me how the Lord seems to grow the Gospel by leaps and bounds in nations that rise to world dominance.  Certainly that's been the case in the West...Rome, continental Europe, England, then America. This happens even when governments are hostile to the faith.

Surely now, as the West declines into debt, weakness, political gridlock, anti-Christian culture and sexual perversion, the move of the Spirit is eastward.  My missions professor in seminary was Chinese. This was 3 decades ago. He believed  that God chose Europe to have the Gospel first because Europeans have itchy feet and would go all over the world in conquest. The Gospel followed them.  China, he said, was a country that absorbed its enemies. China viewed itself as the center. There was not too much interest in going elsewhere. Europeans went out. 

In God's sovereign plan, now the baton is being passed.  The new China has its fingers everywhere in the world.  And surprise! ---explosive church growth. The Gospel will follow the rise of China as it always has other great powers.   

While the decline of the west is painful to live through, these are very exciting times.  In our arrogance, we thought we were so special, but the wind blows where it wills.   

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Too often we view God's Kingdom through the eyes of the West.   God is moving in the East.   His ways are more powerful.  Praise the Lord.