China Forces All Religious Buildings to Fly Communist Flag

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Although I obviously disagree with this decision, the Breitbart headline is rather misleading.

The flag isn't the flag of the Communist Party per se, but rather of the modern Chinese nation (which is of course ruled by the CP, but the distinction is not insignificant). "CHINA FORCES ALL RELIGIOUS BUILDINGS TO FLY NATIONAL FLAG" is clearly not as incendiary, however.

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Jim wrote:

I know what it represents historically, Jim. But it's a mistake to think that it represents that to most Chinese. The vast majority simply see it as their national flag. Even the colors themselves can be understood as colors with strong cultural significance to the Chinese people.

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I'm glad we live in a country where the government doesn't force us to fly our national flag in our churches! We do it voluntarily and if we choose to not display the flag the only thing we have to fear is................. (SMILE)

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