Evangelicals Slow Trump's Advance in Midwest

"While Donald Trump has famously declared, 'I love evangelicals!' it seems that in return some evangelicals may have 'lost that loving feeling,' and the full evidence proves that most of them never had it in the first place."

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The term 'evangelical' is so meaningless now that it remains hard to adequately measure the voters for Trump who wear the label. What is fascinating to me is finding voters who say they are for personal responsibility, protecting the assets of those who worked hard to achieve, not allowing governments to seize their earnings and give it to those who didn't earn it--and finding these same people advocating for Trump who claims he was robbed in Colorado, when the rules for delegate distribution have been known for a very long time. Cruz's team was on the ground in CO 8 months ago. They worked hard at the county caucus level getting their people elected, and then worked hard to get these delegates elected at the state convention. Trump sent someone into CO to make a 48 hour effort, which failed. There is an Aesop's fable in there somewhere. Trump claimed he was cheated when he was in fact lazy, and felt entitled to those 34 delegates without having to spend any effort to get them. Cruz worked hard for months, played by the rules, and rightfully earned those delegates. These entitlement-minded Trump supporters sound to me like they would have a better home in the Democrat Party.