Twenty-two percent of millennials had not heard of the Holocaust.

"Millennials were also misinformed. Over forty percent believed that only two million Jews were killed, rather than over 6 million." WRN

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"Twenty-two percent of millennials had not heard of the Holocaust."

Have so many never read--or at least heard of--The Diary of Anne Frank?  Or never seen--or at least heard of--Schindler's List?  Or never read--or at least heard of--Elie Wiesel's Night?  Or never studied any European or WW2 history whatsoever

Bert Perry's picture the papers about people found out decades later and convicted/deported for taking part in the Holocaust?

Really, ignorance on this scale would also explain why so many people voted for Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein.  They simply don't know how bad the Holocaust and fascism were, nor that Communism killed pretty much an order of magnitude more innocents while impoverishing 2/3 of the world.  "Never again" doesn't mean much if nobody is ever reminded of what happened.

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Many schools have replaced history classes with social studies. When US history is taught 20th Century history may get a week or two in the curriculum. When I was a school administrator we developed a class that dealt with just the 20th Century.

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People generally hate "when I was a kid" stories ... but "when I was a kid" (b 1949)

  • We watched news reels about the holocaust
  • Thinking about the 7th and 8th grade

I used to doodle and once made swastikas on a page. My teacher strongly reprimanded me - "don't you ever do that"

Several of my teachers were WW2 vets. My 8th grade history teacher was in Italy when Mussolini was killed and showed a subset of his students photos of the same