“...often people overreact to a past problem to avoid repeating it but actually create new ones”

Learning from History, not Reacting to It - Dave Doran


Biblical love calls us to both discernment (Phil 1:9-11) and charitable interpretations (1 Cor 13:7) as we work our way through problems (whether relational, organizational, or ministerial). We are never supposed to be naive, but we also must not be cynical and fearful.

There’s a focus factor in this also. That is “cynical” is partly what we think, but also partly how often we think it/how long we linger there. Sometimes deep distrust is appropriate, but having established that “A is not safe,” there’s no reason to build a house and move in there. Joy is often about where our hearts hang out vs. where they visit. (Paul in Philippians comes to mind… there are tears and pain and concern here and there, but joy everywhere).

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