Israel halts for Holocaust day, honors 6 million Jews killed

"Sirens blared across Israel early Thursday as the country came to a standstill in an annual ritual honoring the 6 million Jews murdered during the Holocaust. People halted where they were walking, and drivers stopped their cars to get out of the vehicles as people bowed their heads in memory of the victims of the Nazi genocide." - C.Index

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Report: Holocaust denial persists on Facebook one year after push to stanch it

"Holocaust denial aims to cast doubt on the facts of the Holocaust, the systematic murder of 6 million European Jews during World War II. Adherents claim Jews fabricated evidence of their own genocide to gain sympathy or extract reparations from Germany." - RNS

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There are no 'opposing views' of the Holocaust

"Last week, the executive director of curriculum and instruction in the Carroll Independent School District in Southlake, Texas, told teachers that a new state law required them to present multiple perspectives about 'widely debated and currently controversial' issues. This means that they needed to make “opposing” views on the Holocaust available to students." - RNS

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'Into the Forest' Tells Story of One Family's Escape from Nazi-Created Zhetel Ghetto

"Countless books have been written — and films made — about the Warsaw Ghetto. . . . Pockets of militant Jewish resistance surfaced in smaller ghettos across Nazi-occupied central-eastern Europe too. But those stories are not as widely known." - NPR

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Former refugees mark 75th anniversary of the only US safe haven during Holocaust

"Survivors and their families crowded Safe Haven Holocaust Refugee Shelter Museum, once the shelter’s administration building, and wandered the Fort Ontario State Historic Site. More than 200 people attended a memorial under heightened security." - RNS

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