Can Christians get political without hurting the Gospel message?

"Polarization, confirmation bias, and dehumanization present challenges for all Americans, and Christians should counter, rather than contribute to these problems" - Christian Post

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Of course it does.  In 2016, we had two very flawed characters, to put it mildly.  Who could make a case for preferring Hillary's character over Trump's?  But even when character is sound, principles, policy, and political ideals are extremely important.  Think about Jimmy Carter.  Few would question his character. but not many members of SI would defend his record as president.

Trump is a very flawed character.  His personal failings cannot help but harm our country.  This is regrettable.  Wouldn't we all prefer Ronald Reagan!  But Reagan wasn't running.  It was either Trump or Clinton.  Given the political policies of each, it is hard for me to see how electing Clinton would have been better for the country than Trump.  Clinton is deeply flawed.  So is Trump.  Character issues pretty much cancel each other.  I don't see any value in listing Clinton's personal failings against Trump's.  Who could possibly assess the relative impact of one verses the other?  But their politics are poles apart.  Trump has succeeded in stemming much of the flood of liberal gains under Obama.  Clinton would have continued that flood.  That difference is enormous, and has immeasurable consequences for the future.

G. N. Barkman