Record low number of Americans hold biblical worldview, survey says

"Born again Christians . . . were three times more likely than average to have a biblical worldview (19%). However, the fact that not quite one out of five born again adults holds a biblical worldview highlights the extensive decline of core Christian principles in America over the last several decades" - CPost

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[T[he dominant values in the United States today are acceptance, comfort, control, entertainment, entitlement, experiences, expression, freedom, and happiness. Those contemporary values highlight the profound contrast from previous eras in which a more widely accepted biblical worldview yielded civic duty, hard work, humility, faith, family, moderation and the rule of law.

I think the above pretty much says it all. I would just add that even a seeming positive value, like "freedom," has become utterly divorced from its historic meaning. Most of our ancestors wouldn't recognize a "freedom," that allows us to be fondled by strangers at the airport.