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Barna Research: Pastors See Missions as a Mandate, but Christians Aren't So Sure

"Christians . . . tend to believe missions is a calling for some (51%), not a mandate for all (25%). On the other hand, the vast majority of pastors (85%)—regardless of denomination—says missions is work that all Christians participate in." - Barna

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Barna: 56% of Christians Feel Their Spiritual Life Is Entirely Private

"This majority of Christians is less likely to say it is very important to see progress in their spiritual life (30% say progress is important vs. 54% of those who don’t consider their faith private), less likely to say their faith is very important in their life today (45% vs. 66% agree strongly) and less likely to have weekly time with God (51% vs. 66%)." - Barna

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Barna Research releases study on how Americans view their work life and how churches might help

"Recent data collected this summer indicate that at least half of U.S. adults (21% definitely interested, 32% probably interested) would be interested if their local church addressed vocational well-being in their preaching and programs." - Barna

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