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Barna Research: The Deeply Personal Reasons People Give Financially

"One of the most defining attributes of U.S. adults’ giving, it seems, is that it is local—indeed, nearly half (48%) say this true, while just 17 percent share that their giving is global. They lean toward describing their giving as proactive (47%) and private (42%), but are largely neutral (45%) on whether their giving could be called sacrificial or convenient. " - Barna

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Has church attendance by Millennials increased?

"Although Millennials (and, emerging behind them, Gen Z) are known for declines in religiosity, data show that, since 2019, the percentage of Millennials reporting weekly church attendance has increased from 21 percent to 39 percent." - Barna

Another study: Millennials adopt digital worship, but not at the expense of IRL faith - RNS

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Barna: 48% of pastors unsure if their preaching is helping people grow

"Barna data from a recent pastor survey show that over two in three U.S. Protestant senior pastors (67%) say they feel 'very confident' about their preaching right now. One in three (32%) is 'somewhat confident' while just one percent is not confident." - Barna Research

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Barna Research: Pastors See Missions as a Mandate, but Christians Aren't So Sure

"Christians . . . tend to believe missions is a calling for some (51%), not a mandate for all (25%). On the other hand, the vast majority of pastors (85%)—regardless of denomination—says missions is work that all Christians participate in." - Barna

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Barna: 56% of Christians Feel Their Spiritual Life Is Entirely Private

"This majority of Christians is less likely to say it is very important to see progress in their spiritual life (30% say progress is important vs. 54% of those who don’t consider their faith private), less likely to say their faith is very important in their life today (45% vs. 66% agree strongly) and less likely to have weekly time with God (51% vs. 66%)." - Barna

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