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Barna: What Churchgoers Missed Most About In-Person Services

"This year, the majority of pastors (80%) [are] excited to celebrate Easter with congregants inside their church buildings with COVID-19 precautions in place. Another one in five (22%) [are] meeting outdoors to accommodate social distancing during the worship service." - Barna

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Half of Gen Z Feel Bad About the Amount of Time Spent on Screens

"While it’s no surprise that Gen Z may be more engaged with their screens than previous generations, exactly what is an appropriate amount of screen time? Many experts in the medical, mental health and education fields recommend using screens less often and for shorter periods of time—and Gen Z, it seems, are inclined to agree with this advice." - Barna

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Barna Research: 2 in 5 Churchgoers Are Open to Inviting Others to Digital Church Services

"Today’s article features data from our brand new journal, Five Changing Contexts for Digital Evangelism, taking a closer look at the current climate for extending or accepting invitations to digital church services." - Barna Research

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Barna: One in five churchgoers haven't attended church physically or digitally since the pandemic

"Data show that, as of September 2020, about one in five of those who would normally be defined as churchgoers (22% churched adults, 19% practicing Christians) says they have “never” attended a service during the pandemic, either in person or digitally. Though half of practicing Christians (51%) keep up with online or in-person church on a weekly basis (compared to 37% of churched adults), the reported pandemic attendance of this usually committed group otherwise resembles churched adults at large." - Barna

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Barna: Nearly All U.S. Couples Believe It Is Possible to Have a Career, Raise a Healthy Family and Stay in Love

"...the majority of American working couples (95%) believe they can maintain their individual careers and still come together to raise a healthy family, all while staying in love. While a slight difference is found when look specifically at faith segments, over nine in 10 practicing Christians (97%) and non-Christians (94%) agree this can be done." - Barna

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