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Barna: Pastors Say They Often Preach on Church Unity—Christians Disagree

"pastors and Christians differ in their opinions about the term [unity] as well. For pastors, words like 'harmony' (70%), 'reconciliation' (52%) and 'sacrifice' (41%) come to mind, while Christians tend to say 'alliance' (39%) or 'sameness' (31%)." - Barna

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Many pastors say Christians are more loyal to their political party than to the faith: survey

"Majorities of both mainline (66%) and non-mainline Protestant pastors (53%) expressed concern that 'Christians are more loyal to their political views than their faith.'" - CPost

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Do Church Buildings Still Matter? How U.S. Adults Feel About Spiritual Spaces

"...most Americans experience positive emotions when sitting in a church building, reporting they feel 'peaceful' (47%) 'connected to God' (42%), 'safe' (40%), 'welcomed' (39%), 'comforted' and 'hopeful' (37% each)." - Barna Research

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Barna Research: The Deeply Personal Reasons People Give Financially

"One of the most defining attributes of U.S. adults’ giving, it seems, is that it is local—indeed, nearly half (48%) say this true, while just 17 percent share that their giving is global. They lean toward describing their giving as proactive (47%) and private (42%), but are largely neutral (45%) on whether their giving could be called sacrificial or convenient. " - Barna

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