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Barna: Nearly All U.S. Couples Believe It Is Possible to Have a Career, Raise a Healthy Family and Stay in Love

"...the majority of American working couples (95%) believe they can maintain their individual careers and still come together to raise a healthy family, all while staying in love. While a slight difference is found when look specifically at faith segments, over nine in 10 practicing Christians (97%) and non-Christians (94%) agree this can be done." - Barna

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Barna Study: Strong Relationships Within Church Add to Resilient Faith in Young Adults

"In Faith for Exiles, co-authors David Kinnaman and Mark Matlock discuss five practices that contribute to resilient discipleship and flourishing faith in young adults. Today, in an excerpt from this research, we’ll take a closer look at one of the main aspects of resilience—relationships" - Barna

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Barna: Christian Millennials Are Most Likely Generation to Lean Toward Charismatic Worship

"When compared to other generations, Elders are the most likely to choose hymns (66% vs. 45% Boomers, 32% Gen X, 19% Millennials) and a traditional style (62% vs. 51% Boomers, 39% Gen X, 38% Millennials) for worship services. ... Millennials gravitate toward lively (30% vs. 21% Gen X, 23% Boomers, 15% Elders) and charismatic worship, (18% vs. 13% Gen X, 10% Boomers, 9% Elders), but also show greater openness than older adults toward a more contemplative form." - Barna

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Barna: Young Christians Value Missions, but Question Its Ethics

"The Future of Missions, a brand new Barna report conducted in partnership with International Mission Board, takes a closer look at what’s keeping young Christians from wholeheartedly engaging with global ministry.... One-third of young adult Christians (34%) agrees that 'in the past, missions work has been unethical,' compared to one in four adults 35 and older (23%). Two in five (42%) agree that 'Christian mission is tainted by its association with colonialism' (vs.

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Barna: A third of “practicing Christians” have stopped attending church since COVID-19, even by video

"In a more in-depth examination of those groups released Wednesday, researchers found significant generational divides, noting that half of practicing Christian millennials had not attended church in the past four weeks. By contrast, only 35% of Gen X Christians and 26% of Baby Boomer Christians had foregone digital church attendance." - CPost

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