Christian Writer ‘Prepared to Go to Prison’ over ‘Misgendering’ Tweets

“Caroline Farrow, a devout Catholic, was ordered by Surrey police in the United Kingdom to come in for an interview after she ‘misgendered’ a woman’s transgender child on Twitter. That woman subsequently filed a complaint against Farrow with the police.” - Christian Headlines


One Tweet from Farrow read, “What she did to her own son is illegal. She mutilated him by having him castrated and rendered sterile while he was still a child.” Because of that Tweet and others like it, police investigated Farrow for violation of the Malicious Communications Act, which bans the electronic communication of a message if it is deemed a threat, indecent or grossly offensive, or if it is “false and known or believed to be false by the sender.”

My first reaction to this one was “is refusal to use preferred pronouns really a hill Christians should die on?” But if Farrow has her facts straight, this is actually about the freedom to speak up against child abuse.

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Reality is that “misgendering” is an apt description of genital mutilation surgery, sometimes called gender “reassignment” surgery. It will be interesting to see if a court will return a guilty verdict, though, for correctly stating U.K. law in this regard. It’s about the freedom to speak up against child abuse, too.

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