Central Seminary's Dr. Charles Hauser with the Lord

"Dr. Hauser taught at Buffalo Bible Institute, San Francisco Baptist Theological Seminary, Denver Baptist Bible College and Seminary, and for 20 years taught at Central Baptist Theological Seminary." - CBTS

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There is much I enjoyed and appreciated about Dr. Hauser. For one, I'm thankful for his sharpening of my argumentation skills through his "five papers" requirement in every class I took from him. The structure of these papers was very precise. They were pretty short, had to examine at least three views on the topic and had to include survey of the views, analysis of their arguments, case for your preferred view.  Since most of us had him for a bunch of classes, we all did this quite a few times.

When I get to Glory I want to ask him how he had the patience to grade all those papers!

Then there were those essay exams. Painful. Literally. But no pain, no gain.

Dr. Hauser was always calm in the classroom. You could sometimes tell he was irked about something, but you had to look pretty close to see it. He always aimed to be as objective as possible, and in the classroom at least, he was the king of analytical distance. I benefited a lot from that.

He also had a tradition of English Bible courses that never finished studying the book in focus. Matthew comes to mind. But nobody's perfect! He loved deep diving into questions, and how are you going to do that with single semester course on the Gospel of Matthew?

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....of Dr. Hauser when we were members at Fourth.  Praying for the comfort of his family.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.