Michael Riley to Central Seminary as Assistant to the President

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The Riley article on Piper has an interesting quote:


It is this emphasis on being satisfied in God that inspires Piper’s most valuable contribution to contemporary evangelical discussion. Piper’s theology is in some ways a fresh updating of Jonathan Edwards’ emphasis on the necessity of right affections. It is easy in our approach to our ministries to reduce genuine Christianity to right doctrine and right practice, because these are the easiest to judge based on externals. Piper, however, insists that right emotions are just as vital as these other essentials. He recognizes that it is possible to believe the right things intellectually and do the right things morally, and yet have no emotional inclination toward God. He relentlessly attacks the popular idea that obedience to God should be pursued from the motivation of mere duty, comparing it to a man who buys roses for his wife on their anniversary merely because it is his duty to do so. Instead, Piper encourages a pursuit for God that encompasses the entire person: mind, will, and emotions.

And of course the Bible never, ever, ever in any place teaches that our emotions are the basis of any initiation in service, devotion or contemplation toward God. Piper remains wrong and as was discussed in another thread about fraudulent spirituality, such teaching by Piper about emotions is exactly that, fraudulent spirituality.

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Love and desire for God = fraudulent spirituality??? I guess I have been mislead by the book of Psalms.

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Not sure what to think of this... Not sure I would want to be hired by an outgoing president... because what if the new president does not get along with or disagrees with the "hand picked" assistant from his predecessor? Hopefully the new president will have the freedom to pick and choose his own staff rather having to accept someone else's choices!

I am not real happy with the process that CBTS followed because I recommended an individual with more qualifications than whom they hired and this individual later emailed me and told me he was rejected without even being interviewed. I am very disappointed with my alma mater in this regard. I expected better of them when it came to fairly and reasonably evaluating all qualified candidates.

Typical Fundy hiring plan:

1. Post a job for everyone to see on your website - this gives the impression that you are being fair, even though, you already know who you want to hire.

2. Try to see if you can hire a close family member, that way, you can still control things indirectly by the family connection... Remember, its the family business. If you don't believe me, look at how many pastors try to slot their own sons or son in laws.

3. Set qualifications that Jesus or the Apostle Paul could not even meet.

4. If qualified people apply, disregard them, even if they are qualified. If they went to a college that we do not approve of, then they are automatically disqualified, do not bother asking them... If they are not our candidate, then reject them regardless of their qualifications... remember we want to hire who we want to, regardless of their qualifications...

5. When our favored candidate applies, then do a quick interview and hire as quickly as possible...

6. If people disagree with whom we have hired, then label them as having a bad attitude, troublemakers, etc. Even if their disagreement is valid or has merit. Freedom of speech does not matter, we are the final authority.

7. Remember, the words "fair", "equitable", "above reproach" may appear in our lexicons and dictionaries, but do not expect us to abide by them.

8. Words that better describe our process "Political" "Expedient"

9. Above all, we are the authority and we never make mistakes or do anything in haste!

If you think that I am joking, guess again.... I have seen this over and over again in the fundy world.....

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Wow, tlange. Central was hiring a staff member for their organization. I'm not sure there was any need for your approval. Freedom of speech? How does that apply to Central's hiring an assistant? At least you explained your issue with Central in your second paragraph: you're upset that they didn't hire the person you recommended. With that explanation, the rest of your post makes sense.

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You failed to see the hyperbole in my "fundy hiring plan"

My enumerated list was a jab at the deplorable hiring practices of most fundamentalist institutions, because they are devoid of decency and full of political maneuverings, etc.

I do not expect Central to seek my approval in anything.... I was disappointed in their handling of the process.

My "funday hiring plan" was not directed at Central, but all fundamental institutions that have some weird ideas and practices when it comes to hiring.

For the record, I am not necessarily upset that they did not hire the person that I recommended. I am disappointed that they did not even speak to this individual before passing judgment on him and his qualifications.