Survey: Moms Are Influencing Children for Christ. Dads? Not So Much

"Christians are far more likely to say their mothers had a bigger influence on their faith than did their fathers, according to a new Barna study that examines the roles that moms and dads play in the development of children." - Christian Headlines

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....the counterpoint to this--and I apologize for not having a source--is studies that suggest that when looking at whether someone actually goes to church as an adult, it's the father's churchgoing that is most predictive.  That noted, this study doesn't really conflict with that; it more or less measures "who tried to reach me for Christ?", and that could be mostly the mother without underestimating the impact of a Godly father at all--i.e. women speak up more about it, maybe more moms are in the faith to begin with, etc..

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