The Empirical Case against “Conversion-Therapy” Bans

"Currently a bill to ban 'conversion therapy' is being considered in the Canadian Senate (Bill C-8), as well as in multiple states in the US. Unfortunately, in most cases there is tremendous ambiguity about which practices and services are being prohibited....Sadly, few politicians have read the primary research, and the prevailing narrative in the mass media is that it is social “justice” to ban conversion therapy." - The Public Discourse

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It's pretty well a done deal. Our Senate is appointed, not elected, for life. They basically do what the government (House of Commons) tell them to do. Which mean, essentially, what the PMO (Prime Minister's Office) says. The only way this is stopped is if the session ends before it is passed. (Perhaps one benefit of the virus scare?) After the Senate, bills go to the Governor General for Royal Assent. The GG never goes against the government. 

All that to say... up here, north of the 49th, we're doomed

Don Johnson
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I caught a few minutes of a television police drama the other night that mentioned so-called conversion therapy. One cop equated conversion therapy with raping the gay out of someone. With that kind of propaganda in the media, it's no wonder pols are moving to ban it. 

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Seems like the zeitgeist can be summed up on one phrase these days, "emotion wins." 

Whether it's politics, a whole array of social problems, pandemics, or even theology... it seems like 99% of the energy goes to the extremes where the drama is instead of to the span between the extremes where thinking is happening.

... then again, here's the more positive take: the non-dramatic, thinking middle (not be confused with ideological middle) is a relatively quiet bunch. And maybe there are more people working and solving problems there than meets the eyes and ears.

But in politics... seems like drama and ignorance always win, lately.

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