Conversations Key for Churches, Student Ministries as LGBTQ Identification Rises

Gallup "found a slight increase in the percentage of Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender... climbing from 5.6% in 2020 to 7.1% in 2021. Since 2012... LGBTQ identification has risen slowly but steadily from 3.5%." - Lifeway

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At the conservative evangelical school (that was started by a group of GARBC churches) that my kids attend, 6 in my youngest daughter's 9th grade class identify with as LGBTQ, most of which identify as bi-sexual. And most of them started identifying with LGBTQ in the 7th grade. There's about 80 or so students in her class.  Because my daughter is good friends with 4 of them, Over the past two years, we've spent hours upon hours teaching my daughter what it means to have union in Christ and find their identity in Christ and how that is lived out in real life.  This has helped her in her conversations with these friends when discussions on LGBTQ comes up.  And she's been able to share the gospel with them on multiple occasions.  

Also, we didn't expect having to teach my daughter so early in her life about Biblical sexual ethics at a deeper level. 

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I attended a tiny church school, and there is a former classmate of mine who is a lesbian. She has now been with the same woman for at least 20 years. She considers herself a Christian, so I am guessing she must go to one of those "woke" churches.  A girl I used to baby-sit in high school is also a lesbian, her wife just left her. She has a young girl and has been dealing with addiction and mental health problems. She attends a United Church of Christ (woke church).  Also, I was a missionary ESL teacher in Korea for a few years. One of my best friends from Christian college was also there. She let me know she had a crush on me and wanted me for a significant other. I was shocked, as I did not expect that to happen. She also had boyfriends in college and came to me when her fiance broke up with her. 

These things do happen among the Christian community. I don't think you should be surprised that students at a Christian school will come out as LGBTQ. People like that are everywhere, and people who grow up in church still struggle with such things. God did still make marriage between a and a woman, and God does not want men dressing like women and women dressing like men.  People try hard to justify all this confusion, and people still do what they want to do.