College Students

Conversations Key for Churches, Student Ministries as LGBTQ Identification Rises

Gallup "found a slight increase in the percentage of Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender... climbing from 5.6% in 2020 to 7.1% in 2021. Since 2012... LGBTQ identification has risen slowly but steadily from 3.5%." - Lifeway

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Survey: 45 Percent of College Students Want ‘In God We Trust’ Removed from Currency

"The survey was conducted for The College Fix by College Pulse, a survey and analytics company. The Supreme Court this year rejected a challenge to “In God We Trust” on currency and upheld a ruling by the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals...[that] the motto 'does not compel citizens to engage in a religious observance.'" - Christian Headlines

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