Max Lucado ends his political silence & rejects Trump

"We talked to Lucado about his motivation for speaking up and how Trump has changed his attitude toward pastoral involvement in politics." CT

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I preached from Psalm 10 last night and noticed how some of the verses could apply to certain Presidential candidates, particularly verses 5-7.

Wally Morris

Charity Baptist Church

Huntington, IN

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Hillary Clinton is just 24 hours away from clinching the general election victory.

Yes, I said general election not primary. Once Trump is the nominee, the general election race is officially over. The only part in question is how big the Democrat majority in the senate will be, and whether or not Democrats take over the US House.

Democrat candidates in senate races are already running ads tying the Republican candidate to Trump.

It's a shame. I had figured Republicans were tired of Obama, but apparently they want four more years of this.

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We all must be dreaming a nightmare.  This goof ball will blow up the Republican Party.  This may be our Lord's punishment.  No commonsense. Can anyone tell what happened here.  I was devastated when Cruz lost SC.  I saw and heard nothing of any big ground game in SC by Cruz like we did about Iowa.  Did Cruz take SC for granted. I dislike the guy personally but I say again that he was this Country's best hope of turning things around.  Even Rubio would have kicked the can down the road on immigration and finances.  He said it in so many words.  Even I a disillusioned independent Christian voter  can see what's needed so how much dumber are these other Evangelical Christians.  Pretty sad.  Bert you always seem to have some good commonsense to add.  What happened here.  I think I'll go back to bed to my Trump nightmare.  I'll count Trumps to go to sleep.  Let see one Trump with a comb over 2 Trumps with a comb over zzzzzz.  Good night you all.  

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Adding one more poll to the vast collection now, and they all tell the same basic story:


Clinton 52%
Trump 44%

Rubio 50%
Clinton 47%

The nomination of Donald Trump means the general election is over.


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I'm not Bert, but I can give my opinion!

I have thought about this a lot. I think this race illustrates that even self-labeled "evangelicals" really don't care about ethics and morality. From what I read Cruz had a good ground game in South Carolina. It just so happens that most evangelicals voted for Trump. They see him as a winner. We have deified business owners in our zeal for th free-market over socialism. So, Trump is seen as a hero who will give teh big middle-finger to the establishment. Plus, they imagine he'll bring those manufacturing jobs back from China and get rid of all illegals. Cruz never even had a chance with his discussion of policy. 

I heard a story the other day told by a political reporter I had never heard of but who was being interviewed on Bott Radio. He was covering SC. Trump supporters were going around and saying that Cruz had not tithed for a few years back in the early 2000s. They were using that info to say Cruz was a hypocrite. Anyway, the reporter asked Cruz why he wasn't defending himself on the accusation. What Cruz said surprised the reporter. Cruz said he and his wife made a mistake years ago in not tithing. While they now doubled up their tithe to make up for it, he admitted he had sinned by not tithing, and he wasn't going to make excuses for it...

Anyway, in their zeal to get jobs back and to get revenge on the Republican party, people are overlooking Cruz. It is truly sad.

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....but with a twist; I think that too many people have simply forgotten, or never learned, how to think.  How are we, for example, going to "get those jobs back from China"?  Are we willing to work for a buck an hour or less?  Work 16 hour days?  Impoverish ourselves through tariffs?  How are we going to get Mexico to pay for that wall?  Send General Pershing to Mexico City again?   How do we think it's going to work out if Trump somehow eliminates the protections people have against frivolous libel lawsuits?  Hint; Drumpf is going to use it to shut down criticism, starting with Megyn Kelly.

(if only Fox News had spent time exposing the Combover's lies as a response to Drumpf's assault on Ms. Kelly)

More or less, the type of thinking that has invested the Democratic Party for decades is now finding a home in the GOP.  Gimme gimme gimme.....and forget about asking how we're going to pay for all of it.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.