Sweden reports a 1,500 % rise in gender dysphoria

“Between 2008 and 2018, the rate of teen girls ages 13 to 17 being diagnosed with gender dysphoria grew by approximately 1,500 percent, a report from Sweden’s Board of Health and Welfare” - CPost


“The recent report from the Board of Health and Welfare also found that 32.4 percent of 13 to 17-year-olds with gender dysphoria registered at birth as women also had diagnoses for anxiety disorder, 28.9 percent had depression, 19.4 percent had ADHD, and 15.2 percent had autism.”

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What if kids’ sense of gender is actually inherently flexible and the adults in their lives are supposed to teach them to be what they are? What we’re doing instead s encouraging kids to question what they are and inviting them to teach the adults!

What the west is doing with kids’ gender identity now is pure madness.

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My first thought is to note that if the rate of a supposedly “innate” trait goes up by 15x, we’ve just gotten strong evidence that it is not innate. Notice also a sky-high rate of mental illness—now some of these people have multiple diagnoses, but that’s simply sky-high. In England, the # of referrals has gone up by a factor of 53 among young women.

There is also this article where a number of people who have “de transitioned” are noting permanent effects from their hormone therapies that people promised would not be permanent. There’s even a video where a trans adult interviews a de-transitioned teen who feels her mental illness was medicalized, and her interviewer—a trans “woman” herself—notes her pressure for certain therapies.

I’ve read recently that Planned Infanticide is getting into the business, and yes, without much protection for those who might just be mentally ill.

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