Nevada Bill to Push Patients Off Wanted Life Support

"Nevada has a bill pending in the legislature that would permit doctors to push patients off wanted life-extending treatment. From SP 189..." - National Review

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I guess "first, do no harm" doesn't mean what it used to.

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That is what it is all about.  Taking that decision away from the family and putting it in the hands of a Dr.  I am totally against that.  Now if one has a living will then that’s different. It’s all to save money   

My Best friend in the Lord and Best Man just went through a situation with his wife’s mother.  The mother had a massive stroke totally out of the blue and was on life support.  The Husband also was struggling with health problems at the same time.  Everyone in the family gathered and they took her off life support. It took her another 48 hours to physically pass.  They put the mother on morphine to help her pass without pain.

Right now I have just been denied a drug which really helps me with my IBS D.  It’s $750 a month.  They initially approved it for a $30 copay and then without warming after 2 months  they just cut me off.  

The drug is a schedule 4 narcotic engineered to attach to my Opiod  Receptors in my stomach which slows my plumbing down and stops me from having emergency toilet stops 4 to 5 times a week and having terrible gas.

Bert you would not want to be in room when I’m passing gas.  If you lite a match the whole room would explode   One of these days I may just explode  The Feds will think it was a suicide bomber  So if you here some nut in Philly just blew up by spontaneous combustion you will know who it was   

The Health Insurance Company  basically made me go cold turkey off the drug a narcotic with no warning.  Needless to say I have suffered.  

If we’re going to ration healthcare for profits we might as well go to a single payer system.  Just my opinion.