Women aren't trying to take over SBC pulpits, please stop fighting, Beth Moore says

“This infighting over women preaching in the SBC is a distraction & an enormous waste of energy. Be honest about what these fights are over. Perhaps my memory fails me in old age but I thought we were gospel people, all sent out to share the good news of salvation through Christ.” - Christian Post


Suggesting your opponents are dishonest about their concerns helps a ton with unity and peace.

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I don’t believe Moore wants to take over pulpits, but I’d have to guess that in a denomination with 15 million members, there just might be a few women who do desire that. Or, put more emphatically, I’d have to guess that the (significantly if not exclusively political) resurgence in the SBC did not eliminate egalitarianism, and that there’s a few ladies out there who’d love to become elders. So I think Moore overstates her case here.

That said, I think Moore is entirely correct that something is amiss in how her detractors are approaching her. There seems to be quite a bit of overstatement on that side, too. (e.g. John MacArthur comments)

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