Beth Moore

Women as Church leaders: Female complementarians on current debates, Beth Moore, misogyny

"To explore these questions in greater depth, The Christian Post spoke with two theologically adept women who maintain that Scripture holds that certain offices are reserved for men in the church while also addressing how and why misogyny manifests in part 1. It will be followed by an in-depth interview with an egalitarian scholar in part 2." - Christian Post

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Is the Southern Baptist Convention Evangelical or Fundamentalist?: Some Thoughts on the Beth Moore Controversy

SBC Says Women Not Barred From Presidency, Pastor Dwight McKissic Suggests Beth Moore

"'Other than being a member of a church that cooperates with the Convention, I am aware of no SBC constitution or bylaw statement that would prohibit the election of a woman as SBC president,' Roger 'Sing' Oldham, vice president for convention communications and relations, told The Christian Post in a statement Thursday." CPost

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