Women as Pastors

What Job Titles Should Churches Use? Two Simple Rules

"the first English Baptist confession, John Smyth’s (1609), lists 'bishops and deacons.' The First London Confession of 1644 lists 'pastors, teachers, elders, deacons,' while the Second London Confession of 1688 returns to two: 'bishops or elders and deacons.' In fact, nearly all Baptist confessions mention only two" - 9 Marks

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Lifeway Research: Leadership Roles of Women Divide Protestant Denominations

"A slight majority of Protestant pastors say the position of senior pastor is open to women, but broader consensus exists for other roles." - Lifeway

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The Southern Baptists’ ‘pastor’ controversy: A study in terminology pitfalls and consequences

"Baptists do believe that humanly speaking, you are certainly free to believe whatever you wish. However, you do not have the right to believe, or disbelieve, anything you choose and still call yourself a Southern Baptist." - Richard Land

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SBC committee to consider disaffiliating Saddleback Church for ordaining women pastors

"At the annual meeting of the SBC this week in Nashville, a motion asking if the denomination should break fellowship with Saddleback Church in Orange County, California, was referred to the denomination's Credentials Committee." - C.Post

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J.D. Greear Responds to the ‘Intense Conversation’ About Saddleback’s Ordination of Women

"'Given the intense conversation over the past few days,' said Greear, 'I thought it would be helpful to share how The Summit Church approaches and applies this issue.' He linked to The Summit Church’s position paper on the role of women in ministry." - C. Leaders

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'Historic night': Saddleback Church ordains first female pastors

"Saddleback Church, the California-based megachurch headed by Pastor Rick Warren, announced that they ordained their first three female pastors, despite being affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, which prohibits female ordination." - C.Post

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Christian and Missionary Alliance Considers Calling Women ‘Pastors’

"The CMA consecrates and licenses women for ministry but does not permit them to use the title 'pastor.' The term is restricted to men who can be elders, even though not all pastors are elders in CMA churches and not all elders are ordained pastors." - C.Today

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