Women as Pastors

SBC president, executive committee president issue join statement on proposed constitutional amendment

"Although we did not reach a moment in Anaheim where the messengers were able to vote on these questions, as far as it lies within our authority to do so, we are committed to letting these questions come before the messengers at our 2023 Annual Meeting" - BPNews

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Hundreds of Southern Baptist pastors call for SBC amendment to ban female pastors

Signing an open letter from Pastor Mike Law of Arlington (VA) Baptist Church,  "[m]ore than 700 Southern Baptist pastors are calling on the Southern Baptist Convention to prohibit women from serving “as a pastor of any kind” at SBC-affiliated churches." - CPost

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SBC Seminary Affirms ‘Men Alone’ May Take Pastoral Office, Function and Title

" Mohler tweeted thanks to seminary trustees for 'passing a unanimous resolution defining pastor as both function and office and limited to men by Scripture as confessed by Southern Baptists in the Baptist Faith & Message.'" - C.Leaders

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What Job Titles Should Churches Use? Two Simple Rules

"the first English Baptist confession, John Smyth’s (1609), lists 'bishops and deacons.' The First London Confession of 1644 lists 'pastors, teachers, elders, deacons,' while the Second London Confession of 1688 returns to two: 'bishops or elders and deacons.' In fact, nearly all Baptist confessions mention only two" - 9 Marks

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Lifeway Research: Leadership Roles of Women Divide Protestant Denominations

"A slight majority of Protestant pastors say the position of senior pastor is open to women, but broader consensus exists for other roles." - Lifeway

Related: Most Evangelical Pastors Say Women Can Lead Bible Studies, Ministries - CToday

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The Southern Baptists’ ‘pastor’ controversy: A study in terminology pitfalls and consequences

"Baptists do believe that humanly speaking, you are certainly free to believe whatever you wish. However, you do not have the right to believe, or disbelieve, anything you choose and still call yourself a Southern Baptist." - Richard Land

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