Where the Bill Nye v. Ken Ham Debate Went off Track

The age of the earth and the global v. local flood question are part of an intramural debate among Christians. These topics don’t need to be part of a creation/evolution debate

"Evolutionists have to explain, using science, how we got people, animals, and flora and fauna. They can’t do this."

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Plants cease to exist (die) when they're eaten. I would suggest that the death of a plant and the death of a man are two different things. The pain, frustration, and corruption inferred from Romans 8:19-22 do not mean that plants lived forever before the fall. It seems to me that to insist that the plants Adam ate didn't die when they were digested is an essential to the doctrine of Creation and the Fall is neither Biblical nor wise. To equate the death of man as comparable to the death of animals or plants is to devalue the life that God imparted to man or to exalt the existence exhibited by flora and fauna.

The Romans passage cited earlier states that death came upon mankind as a result of Adam's sin and that that was the death that entered into the world.

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