"[T]he verdict maintains that IVCF could legally fire an employee headed for divorce'

InterVarsity Victory in Sex Discrimination Case Is Good News for All Parachurch Ministries

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The court ruled it mattered not whether an employee was an actual minister of the gospel, but the quotes from the attorney for IVCF (the ACLJ) said “It is simply not the business of the government to determine who may or may not serve as a minister of the Gospel—or a minister of any other faith."

So which is it? Was the woman a minister of the Gospel or not?

Also, the woman claimed that other male employees had been divorced and were not fired. The court said that given the religious nature of IVCF is didn't LEGALLY MATTER, but I am disappointed if a Christian ministry is letting male employees keep their jobs after divorce and firing female ones.

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What bothers me is IVCF and others act like this is about religious freedom for a parachurch organization to have employment standards concerning marriage. BUT, the woman wasn't disputing that (according to the story), but rather that male employees weren't treated the same as her. 

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Mark, your point is well taken, and I think the court is effectively saying that the courts will not intervene in cases involving clearly religious groups invoking clearly religious precepts.  It is therefore up to us--those who will, or will not, encourage our children to interact with InterVarsity--to ask ourselves whether InterVarsity is worth it.

Kinda like when we evaluate any other church or ministry, really.  Can't depend on the law to keep us safe, and in my mind, there's something very comforting about that.

And FWIW, I'm not recommending IV.  Too much nonsense coming out of there, starting with a woman described as a spiritual director.  What was that "one woman man" thing in 1 Timothy again?

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