Running So Fast Our Souls Can’t Keep Up: An Interview with John Eldredge

"...the deeper issue is that our online media consumption has taken away all our “margin;” all the time we used to read a book, or take a walk, or listen to music. In other words, we’ve lost our souls to a cyber world that does nothing to enrich our lives in God." - Bible Gateway

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The occasion of the interview is Eldredge’s new book… (ordering via the link below sends a few shillings to SI)

Pleased to report that this one is also available as an audiobook… or will be next week. Eldredge apparently read the English version himself. A Spanish version is expected this summer.

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but I know several who think he is the cat's meow.

Just reading the article the title gets the problem backwards, imho. The problem is not that people are moving too fast for their souls to catch up. Rather, people are running fast on purpose so their souls will be drowned out by the cacophony. That is what I observe. People too often do not want to think. Or meditate.

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I can't believe this.  I read Eldredge's "Wild At Heart" years ago and did not care for it.  One of many reasons I disliked the book was his CONSTANT REFERENCE TO MOVIES, MOVIES, and more MOVIES.

Has he changed his mind on this, or is he just going with a new fad?

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I haven't read Eldredge. I've skimmed a few of his books, and my nuanced opinion is that he's mystical, mushy and ... weird. Just ... weird. I knoww this is profound. I would never recommend him to anyone.

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and an Investigations Manager with a Washington State agency. He's the author of the book What's It Mean to Be a Baptist?

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I had to chuckle at the end of the article.

He condemned spending so much time on one's phone, and even infered that getting knowledge quickly from the phone can lead to "an obsession with knowledge" that is "not a good thing; it borders on idolatry." Then at the end, when he is asked about the Bible Gateway App, he says, "I use it all the time; maybe every day. What an incredible resource to be able to look up passages, compare translations, do word studies." 

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I thought he was more for the attnetion-deficit, feeling oriented crowd myself.  I don't understand what the draw is.  I didn't think he had a clue as to how to interpret Scripture, and he assumed all men were like him or of one type.  Yet other people seem to love his stuff.  I can't figure it out.  He certainly does not resonate with me.

"The Midrash Detective"

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I haven't read Eldredge either, but now I'm intrigued. I'm going to have to find out what he does.