Willow Creek Restarts Search for Its Next Bill Hybels

"After months of delays in the process, the church’s interim pastor announces plans to resign." - Christianity Today

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Apart from the theological differences I've got with Willow Creek--I don't believe women can be pastors or elders, Biblically, for starters--it strikes me that this illustrates one of the big dangers of huge churches.  When one pastor leaves (or implodes like Hybels/MacDonald/Driscoll/Tchividjian/Schaap/Felten/etc..), you have a huge facility that requires a man of extraordinary gifts to keep it filled and the mortgage paid.  You can't just accept a guy with a "mere" MDiv and decades of faithful ministry without risking a big exodus.

Again, granted, with the fallout from Hybels/Bilezikian/etc.., even a man of extraordinary gifts is going to have trouble putting "Humpty Dumpty" back together again, but the sheer size of the church (and its mortgage) is no help here.

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Bert,  you points are well taken.  A good summary of the challenge.  Well done.

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