“Speed Limit”: How the Sufficiency of Scripture Should Make Us Patient

"Unbelievers see things more clearly than we think. They sniff out our attempts to market Jesus. They see through our sales pitches. They’re far more serious about their worldview than we give them credit for. And I think our ignorance of this fact offends them even more than the content of our worldview." - 9 Marks

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If we wonder why some of our evangelistic efforts aren't working, read and consider.  

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Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Some more from the article.

“They stared at us through the window like they were on a safari. We’re the heathen animals of New England they’ve come to save!” They all chuckled. So did I.

But I stopped laughing when my neighbor handed me the postcard. I immediately noticed the collage of big screens, the bright lights, and the friendly people in casual clothes. But what stood out to me more than the images were these three bulletin points:

  • Real-life answers from the Bible
  • Fun programs for your kids
  • Music that you would hear on the radio

I know it's not how we think about things, but evangelistic efforts are "working" when they are done properly. It's not about what happens afterwards.

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