Is West Lafayette Indiana's proposed ban on “conversion therapy” actually aimed at ending Biblical counseling?

Al Mohler: "What becomes very clear here is that this ordinance … is directly intended to shut down biblical counseling" - BPNews

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Bert Perry's picture how I'd characterize the ordinance.  There are serious laws to address real issues, and there are places where politicians posture, create law to posture, and thus work only to create full employment for lawyers.   In this case,, there are very real issues with a narrower definition of conversion therapy, where previous generations of secular psychologists and psychiatrists effectively used physical and mental torture to push people out of homosexuality.  But the ordinance here is so broadly written that it effectively criminalizes reading many passages of the Bible--it's a clear 1st Amendment violation, one that I'm sure the city council would take to the Supreme Court at taxpayer expense if challenged.

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