“Ramsey's rent rant exposes deficit in financial peace”

"Ultimately, Ramsey’s motto, 'If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else,' is not worth the paper it is printed on for Christian who don’t understand that it is freedom from money as a master, not getting out of debt, that really matters. " - CPost

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Man, this hits the spot really well in my opinion.  It addresses the main key problem I have with Ramsey.  It has nothing to do with debt and everything to do with the love of money.  Getting out of debt does not fix the money problem, and having debt doesn't make you a slave to it.

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With David, I've felt that the weakest point of Ramsey's business/ministry lies in Exodus 20:17, "thou shalt not covet".  In other words, you shall not desire anything to the point that you are willing to sin to get it.  About ten years back, I reviewed some of his work and did not even find the word.  A bit later, he at least was using the word, but moving in to his multi-million dollar mansion.  So his actions belied his words.

Another way of putting it is that sometimes, he seems to veer a bit into prosperity theology.  I appreciate his 7 steps to financial freedom, but there are times when he's all about that Jaguar he had as a young stock trader, and the big house, and the like.

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