Wisconsin high court to hear parents’ challenge to school district's gender transition policy

"Parents suing a Wisconsin school district over a policy that allows officials to withhold knowledge of students’ efforts to change their gender identity from their families will have their case brought before the state supreme court." - CPost

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The Madison (where else?) School District policy more or less amounts to "we may choose to allow your son to be castrated or your daughter to be subject to a radical hysterectomy, and we won't even let you know about it."  

There are a bunch of things here that even a "trans-friendly" person ought to shudder at, starting with the fact that since a lot of "trans" therapies are irreversible, people have historically made those who wish to transition go through a series of checks to make sure that's what the person really wants.  That includes, implicitly, loved ones like family members, especially parents.  The refusal to contact parents really is part of an effort to short-circuit that process. 

In a world where Keira Bell has campaigned successfully to get teen transition procedures stopped by Britain's National Health Service for exactly this reason, and in a world where Walt Heyer and others have detransitioned after going through the "full process" of making sure, we ought to be very wary of reducing the checkpoints. 

It is also worth noting that the district appears to be counting on parents being remarkably unobservant to signs like boys growing breasts and wearing dresses, girls growing beards, and the like.  They seem to be blissfully unaware of rule #1 for public relations; people get far more ticked off from nasty surprises than they do from bad news in general.

Finally, along the lines of "rule #1 for public relations", the district seems blissfully unaware that many parents would respond very, very badly if they learn that their child has been subjected to hormone therapy, top surgery, or bottom surgery,especially without their consent or even knowledge.  It is my opinion that it is only a matter of time before an angry parent or hastily transitioned person takes their grievances not to the jury box, but to the cartridge box.  I know that I would have trouble voting to convict if I were on the jury.

Hopefully the courts make a wise decision here and put the kibosh on this idiotic policy by the Madison schools.

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