“Liberal Christianity... believes that the faith should always be changing so that it conforms with the dominant spirit and beliefs of the age”

"Americans may need to get used to this kind of syncretism, which is not at all unusual among United Methodists, other mainline Protestants, and liberal Catholics. Because now that progressives are in political power and evangelicalism is discredited for its alliance with Donald Trump, liberal Christianity might be coming back into vogue." - Veith

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I do not believe that Evangelicalism is "discredited" among most Americans since most Americans don't know or care about "Evangelicalism". Seems to be "discredited" with those who already didn't like the gospel anyway. The fact that Trump has been President for the last 4 years has not interfered with my personal gospel efforts. People react the way they have always reacted: friendly, polite, but apathetic.

Wally Morris

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There are times that the involvement of guys like Jerry Falwell Jr. and others is going to lead to a certain number of jokes, but the question is whether the truly acid jokes were by people already disposed to acid jokes about evangelicals already.  My guess is that a huge portion of the time, the answer was yes.

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