After Binging on the Internet in 2020, We Need a Major Knowledge-Diet Overhaul

Review of Brett McCracken's The Wisdom Pyramid: Feeding Your Soul in a Post-Truth World - CToday

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Can't read the article due to the paywall, but I know that for all the internet reading and viewing I did in 2020, I also spent a great deal of time reading a diverse collection of books. According to my Goodreads year in review I completed 84 books and read over 20,000 pages. I do feel as though I spend too much time perusing the internet and especially social media, but by making an intentional plan to read and setting personal goals I have been able to balance much of my internet media intake with much that is valuable, beneficial, and enjoyable.

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You should search for me on Goodreads! 44 books and 16k for me. I’ve done better the previous two years but life changes have made it difficult to read like I want to. I’ve also been trying to listen to more sermons.

I also spend too much time on the internet and am trying to curb that.