Amniotic fluid could offer a bountiful source of ethical stem cells

Researchers "have developed a technique that allows doctors to harvest stem cells from amniotic fluid and convert them into embryonic-like cells that can grow into other types, including nerve, blood, and heart cells. Extracting the cells, called mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), does not harm a baby." WORLD

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Note, however, that fifteen years after the brouhaha about embryonic stem cell research, the state of the art is still that embryonic stem cells show "promise" for therapies.  In other words, decades of hard work show bupkus, and it is as if Someone is trying to tell us we are not in charge.

On the light side, they do say that adult stem cells have their uses, and a rich source of them is in our body fat.  I've been trying to volunteer some of mine for years, but sad to say, nobody's taken me up on it yet.

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