But Is It Worth It? A Question To Christian Trumpists

“I know some Christian Trumpists who will simply say that, in spite of Trump’s character flaws, they will support him because the alternative is always worse. My question to Christian Trumpists is: But is it worth it?” - Roger Olson


What if you became convinced that if re-elected Trump would become dictator of America and abolish democracy? Then appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn court decisions with which conservative Christians strongly disagree? What if Trump abolished the Supreme Court when it disagreed with him? What if Trump had some of his most vocal critics and opponents arrested (for nothing more than criticizing him and opposing him)? What if he blatantly committed crimes? Would it be worth it?

We don't have to wonder. But enough about Joe Biden.

Once again, I'm no fan of Trump. But Olson, Aaron and others wax apoplectic at Trump's words, whole pooh-poohing Biden's authoritarian actions.

Don't like a Supreme Court ruling? Just ignore it.

Don't like your opposition? Put them in jail.

Don't want your son's crooked business dealings exposed? Threaten a quid pro quo.

Want to import future Democrat voters? Ignore the law and the border.

Seriously, the monthly shamings are so tiresome.

"I’m not here comparing Trump to Hitler..." (Olson proceeds to spend much of the article implicitly comparing Trump to Hitler).

No, I don't think it's worth it to "support Trump." And I don't. Nevertheless, if he's my only option to Biden, I'll probably vote for him just the same.

I suspect many have made the same calculation. Sure, I'd rather they'd have chosen DeSantis, but that option is gone.

Let's be honest: none of us knows the future, and electing someone is always a gamble. Always. You never know exactly what they will do and how competent they will be. Trump was actually better than I feared the first time around.

If most conservative Christians have made their choice, they'll just have to take whatever comes. Time to stop trying to guilt them out of it.


My concerns with Trump is that he is dangerously unintelligent. He is really clueless about many basic things. He lacks a moral compass of any kind. He is a narcissist. And lastly, he would prefer to be a dictator immune from any control.

Is Biden perfect? No. But generally he is harmless. I don't really care about his son. I didn't elect his son. After 4 years, the Republican led investigations have not really turned up much, except many innuendos. I don't really care about the border. I am way more for opening the border than restricting the border. Biden hasn't passed any meaningful legislation that has impacted my life. Trump on the other hand is arguing in official court proceedings that he should be allowed to command that Seal Team 6, take out political opponents and because he is president he should be immune from any prosecution. Impeached twice. Mocks God. Sexually assaults women. Being prosecuted by so many jurisdictions in so many court cases for breaking all kinds of laws that it is hard to count or keep track of.

But generally he is harmless.

And after having the gall to say that you think Trump is “dangerously unintelligent?” SMH.

Dave Barnhart

What has Biden done? I guess looking at what Kenneth has said:

Ignore Supreme Court Ruling - I guess he is talking about Student Loan Debt Forgiveness. I am not sure what other Supreme Court ruling that conservatives are up in arms about. But Biden is forgiving small blocks of student loans under debt forgiveness programs already in place not under the purview of the Supreme Court's decision. Some conservatives disagree with the approach and have filed lawsuits. The courts will determine if they are legal or not. Did he defy the Supreme Court? No, not directly. And not much differently than how other administrations both conservative and liberal have tried to sidestep Supreme Court rulings before. Including conservatives sidestepping Supreme Court rulings on abortion.

Biden jailing political opponents - I am assuming this has to do with the, what 90+ indictments, against Trump from both local, state and national juridictions. Do we really believe that Biden (who can't remember the president of Mexico), is actually coordinating one of the most extensive and complex coverups in the history of the US to try to jail Trump outside of the court system? No. Trump went after Hillary Clinton and Biden when he was in office, trying to get the government of Ukraine to give up information on Biden by withholding legal funds to Ukraine, and Trump directing the justice department to go after Clinton and her email servers.

Son's crooked business dealings - First, do we really believe that Trump's family is innocent? The entire Republican congress has found a few small things on Hunter Biden and try as they may, haven't found any evidence tying President Biden to any of it. Even the impeachment hearings aren't finding anything. While on the other hand, Trump has already been found guilty of lying on legal documents regarding the value of assets (we are just waiting on the sentencing). Don't you think if there was something there, Trump while he was in office with the entire Justice department at his disposal, his promise to go after Joe Biden, and most of the courts aligned to him would have found at least the evidence of a single something.

Ignore the border - Trump and his republican friends torpedo'd a bipartisan border bill that would have helped significantly. Why did Trump torpedo it? Because he didn't want Biden to get credit for it. Republican's, even when Trump was in office, made no progress on anything around the border. I don't think the republicans want a solution, they just want to complain about it. Trump didn't build his border wall. Trump made significant progress on reducing legal immigration, but most studies showed he made no impact on illegal immigration and lagged far behind Obama on deporting illegal immigrants. Even Desantis called him out on the fact that Obama deported more illegal immigrants than Trump. Obama deported more than 50% more illegal immigrants than Trump did in his first year. No one is really fixing the border issue and it is just a political hot potato with every administration. We keep blaming the presidents, but in the end it is up to Congress to fix the problem. Not executive orders.

So what tragic harm has Biden placed the country under? Compared to Trump pushing his supporters to erect gallows on the front lawn of Congress, and searching for his VP to hang in front of the public on the front lawn (yeah I know we need to wait until the court case goes through to see if he is convicted, so I will called it alleged).

Is it worth it to learn the trumpet...yes, even though my daughters play violin, there is nothing like a good trumpet to add a regal sound to the hymns.

But, sadly, that is not what this thread is about, so going away since I'm not that interested in discussing politics right now.

In other words,

Ignore Supreme Court Ruling - No big deal, but if Trump did it, he's an authoritarian dictator!

Biden jailing political opponents - Ignore others whom Biden's DOJ has charged, prosecuted and jailed, but Trump...

Son's crooked business dealings - 10% for the Big Guy? Right on! But Trump!!!

Ignore the border - Sure, record numbers are crossing the border...and that's just fine. But Trump!!!


The Trumpet is a fine instrument. Having played it for many years, it is still my first love when it comes to instruments!!


Repeat after me. FoxNews is not real news. It is political commentary. I find that helps sometimes.

Good thing I don't watch it! I appreciate your concern, though.

Neither Trump nor Biden is fit to be president. Both are mentally incapable of handling the pressures of the office. One is bordering on senility while the other mentally unstable. The best their supporters can say is that their candidate is not as bad as his opponent. P.S. A Christian who opposed Bill Clinton because of his immorality and lack of honesty and ethics who now supports Trump may be justly labeled as a hypocrite. (BTW I'm voting for Nikki Haley in the SC Republican Primary. I think I'd even vote for Kennedy if I have the chance. #thatfeltgood

"Some things are of that nature as to make one's fancy chuckle, while his heart doth ache." John Bunyan

As I have read comments here on SI, I have noted that there are people who are defending their decision to vote for Trump while not defending his actions. On the other hand I see a man who consistently defends Biden's evil actions and will not admit Biden has done anything wrong while suggesting Trump voters are blind loyalists who have simply been affected by propaganda. Interesting...

I definitely understand why Christians would not want to vote for either Trump or Biden, but to shame Trump voters while promoting Biden just does not make sense. If there were constantly articles here and in other Christian publications saying why we had to vote for Trump over Biden, then I would get why some here would be frustrated by that as well. (Likely there are some of those articles, but I just don't read those publications and am not seeing them linked here on SI).

It is not like there are not other people who are running for President. We will each have to make a conscious decision to do what we believe is right once election time rolls around. Let us all extend grace toward those who may make a different decision than we do.

Hey I am not a fan of Biden. But if I had to way the two in terms of seriousness, I have way more concerns with Trump. The worse that people are hurling at Biden is first he is too old. Which I would agree. Trump is just a few years behind and he is starting to show memory issues as well, so neither is really top notch here, but Biden is definitely behind. The border. Well lets be honest, the border has been an issue for a long, long time. I am not sure Trump is any better with the border than Biden is or any other candidate. And lastly, his son. Well, I am not voting for Hunter, and Biden isn't the first president with family issues. Yes, Hunter should be prosecuted, which he is, under his own fathers justice department. But after 10 years of investigating Joe with connection to Hunter, there is absolutely nothing there. At some point we need to just drop it. Trump in 4 years couldn't find anything.

If you want to vote for Trump, go ahead. It doesn't bother me. It is just weird to me, that for Christians who espouse morality, they are just perfectly fine with Trump even though he is a womanizer, sexuality assaults women, talks crudely about them, mocks God, impeached twice, 90+ criminal indictments across the country for all kinds of things, chases after filthy lucre.

Everyone is overlooking the obvious and needful alternative: do not vote for either person.

Time to leave the plantation, brothers.

Hmm. Does that mean that you believe all the liberal leaning news outlets are real news? (Time to wake up, if you do.)

G. N. Barkman