Is war with North Korea likely?

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It’s in the news constantly. Is Kim Jong-un going to actually start a war, and a nuclear one at that? Or is he the boy who cried “wolf” so many times that the rest of the world refuses to bow to his demands?

Will he start a war “by accident,” playing around with missiles until one accidentally hits an unintended target? With a leader whose sanity we might question, anything could happen.

There is a lot going on here, no doubt. Most people believe that China is the key. Some have compared our current state to the Cuban missile crisis.

What do you think?

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Is war with North Korea likely?

Yes, war is likely — either intentionally or accidentally. Votes: 1
I would say war is about 50-50 likely, plus or minus. Votes: 6
Unlikely, but always possible. This is just an attempt to blackmail the U.S. or other nations to prop up a failing regime. Votes: 10
Very unlikely. Votes: 2
Other or none of the above. Votes: 0

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What makes it more likely than it would otherwise be:

a. Kim jong un is pretty close to certifiably insane
b. President Trump isn’t exactly a “let’s think this through carefully before we do anything rash” sort of guy.

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