World Events and WWIII

Lately I’ve found myself looking at developments on the world stage, as they say, and thinking, are these events going to be in the history books of the future as turning points that lead to WWIII?

  • Increasing nuclear capability in N. Korea
  • Increasing Russian aggression, end of nuclear arms treaties
  • China… enough said.
  • Iran’s continued progress toward nuclear capability.


Is war with North Korea likely?

It’s in the news constantly. Is Kim Jong-un going to actually start a war, and a nuclear one at that? Or is he the boy who cried “wolf” so many times that the rest of the world refuses to bow to his demands?

Will he start a war “by accident,” playing around with missiles until one accidentally hits an unintended target? With a leader whose sanity we might question, anything could happen.

There is a lot going on here, no doubt. Most people believe that China is the key. Some have compared our current state to the Cuban missile crisis.