More Men Than Women Want Kids

“According to a recent study by Pew Research, young men are now more likely than young women to say they want children. Specifically, 57% of young men compared to only 45%, a minority, of young women.” - Breakpoint


Wonder how much of this is due to less interaction with babies/young children in today's society?

I ask this b/c I've heard so many stories of women who have their maternal instincts suddenly "switched on" from holding a baby. Yet intergenerational interaction between non-family these days is pretty much non-existent. Not even that much in families.

Just wondering out loud.'s sobering that only about half of young people want children. I guess when I was under 25 (and hadn't met my wife yet), I might have said "well, I'll think about it when I find someone I might marry", but outside of that, it just seemed like a natural progression. You grow up, you help bring the next generation to maturity, and that next generation takes care of you in your senility.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.