Book Review – Nonverts: The Making of Ex-Christian America

“Most American nonverts are former Christians. That’s simply a matter of numbers. The large majority of Americans historically have identified as Christian and continue to do so today. Most Americans who abandon religion, therefore, abandon Christianity.” - Law & Liberty


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Bullivant rejects the conventional view that nonverts tend to come from the ranks of people whose religious affiliation was indifferent to begin with—those who were Christians in name only. Many Nones “were once genuinely believing and practicing—even ‘painfully devout,’” he writes. It isn’t simply weak Christians who are drifting away, but true believers. As a consequence, he believes, the crisis facing American Christianity is real and worse than many would like to admit.

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This matches what we see, an interesting read. Although many Christians are disappointed in their children’s lack of commitment/faith, I don’t think most Christians are attuned to the abandonment of the faith we are seeing.

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