Because we need a little good news: The Edible Tape to Hold Your Burrito Together While You Eat It Is Real

"Astronomers are photographing black holes. Researchers are finding new ways to improve our mental health. And now, a team at Johns Hopkins University has found a way to keep your burrito from falling apart while you eat it." - Relevant

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Bert Perry's picture to simply load the "baby donkey" with a moderate amount of food so you can hold the food in while you eat it.


Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Soon they'll be asking "you want that taped or untaped?" at the drive-thru. I generally don't have much trouble with burritos. It's the tacos that tend to get all over the place.. and I don't think tape can fix that for the crunchies. Could help with the soft tacos.

But isn't the mess part of the joy of Texmex?

Where do I volunteer to field test on free tacos and burritos? 

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It's called Round Guys and the Tacos are good. I'm there almost every Tuesday. A mug of Beer and 2 Tacos.  Can't beat it.  They have an Irish Stout very low alcohol and it is fantastic. The tape sounds very interesting.  I haven't been to Taco Bell in quite a while. Funny how everyone loves their Mexican Food.

A small working class rural town in Southern Illinois had a real good Mexican Restaurant and the Community loved the Mexican Family that ran it and everybody was legal.  However when Trump tightened down on tossing out people with arrest records apparently the owner had a 20 year old DUI from in the US and got picked up for Deportation.  The TOWN which was mostly white went crazy over this and told Donald and the Republicans that if they didn't stop this they'd make sure no one from Southern Illinois would vote for Donald or any Republicans ever again and enlist the Democrats to stop it.  Plus the guy and his family were members of the local  Baptist Church.  It worked. Don't mess with a Fundy's Mexican Food or else.  So if you go out with Aaron to a Mexican Restaurant don't try to take one of his Tacos taped or untapped you might loose some fingers.