Contentment Turns All It Touches to Gold

"Content[ment] is the philosopher’s stone which turns all it touches into gold; happy is he who has found it. Content[ment] is more than a kingdom, it is another word for happiness.  —C. H. Spurgeon" - C.Leaders

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When my boys were little we fed them a lot of rice because our income was really low at that time.  I would add rhubarb to the rice and we would pick up post dated Jello mix and throw in as well to give it extra color and flavor.  Just the other day one of our boys said he was looking forward to the rhubarb being ready again so that we could make that for breakfast.  We were eating it because we were struggling financially, but our kids felt rich.

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When my parents divorced, one silver lining to that cloud was I got to spend a lot more time with my mom's family, who my dad never really liked.  It was a revelation to me that toast with grape jelly and a couple of eggs somehow beat the fancy breakfasts I'd had when they were accompanied with love.  Contentment is a huge, huge gift.

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For a second there, I pictured the eggs on the toast with the jelly...  then better brain cells prevailed. But I think even eggs and jelly on toast, accompanied with love, still beats the fancy breakfasts without it.  ... so it works either way.

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Don't knock it until you've tried it!  :^)  I think I did at times get a bit of jelly on my eggs, try as I might to avoid it.

Seriously, after going grocery shopping and being rather shocked at the prices of some of the items, contentment is more and more crucial these days.  Might even help me drop a pound or two!

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.