5 common themes in churches with high pastor turnover

"1. They think it’s the pastors’ fault. It is difficult to help these churches. There is none so blind as he or she who will not see. The church I noted had not even considered that losing six pastors in nine years might point to the problems with the church." - Thom Rainer

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.....though I don't know that the churches that need to hear this message the most will, indeed, hear it.  My church lost all three pastors in the space of a couple of years, and it's worth noting that the man we've hired as our new head pastor talked to all three of them before taking the job, and also listened carefully as the search committee (I was on it) admitted some of what had gone on.  And we're still praying we don't wreck the poor guy we're blessed to have in a couple of weeks!

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