Pastoral Turnover

4 Lessons on Staying (from Someone Who Hasn’t)

"In the past six years we’ve lived in four different cities and served at three different churches in various roles.... I can’t speak to the challenges of staying in a single place for a long period of time. I can, however, offer four lessons I’ve learned about staying from our going." - TGC

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Are our pulpits full of preachers who want to quit but haven't yet?

"Even if we haven’t seen a dramatic increase in pastoral attrition, many people believe it’s still coming.... If the bubble does burst later this year or next, all eyes are on three demographics: pastors early in their careers, those nearing retirement, and bivocational ministers." - C.Today

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5 common themes in churches with high pastor turnover

"1. They think it’s the pastors’ fault. It is difficult to help these churches. There is none so blind as he or she who will not see. The church I noted had not even considered that losing six pastors in nine years might point to the problems with the church." - Thom Rainer

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